Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Singing the Body Electric

The borough of Park Ridge sent me a glossy publication in the mail. They're celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the founding of the Park Ridge Electric Department. 1904 was also the year when construction of the local hydroelectric plant and installation of street lights began. To commemorate this anniversary, the borough is restoring the hydroelectric plant building and turning it into the Mill Road Hydroelectric Museum. (One of the items on exhibit is apparently an old-fashioned electric meter into which one could deposit coins to buy power by the hour.) Anyway, it's interesting to reflect on how we take electricity and electrical appliances for granted these days when just a century ago, there was nothing like that at all.

Went to the mall to pick up my new glasses. (Only took 3 weeks to make these!) I guess I can't use being unable to see as an excuse for not finding microcaches any more. :)

Borrowed from torakiyoshi: EPIC 2014
Interesting projection into the future but rather far-fetched, considering that what Google has now is a disjoint collection of products, many of which are still in beta. Let's shoot for EPIC 2040. :) (And besides, that projection doesn't take into account that the stock market, especially the more speculative portions of it, may crash in the next few years, sharply limiting Google's ability to acquire other companies.)

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