Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Standing and Tall, but not Dead

Lake Shenandoah Lake Shenandoah

First stop of the day was the RU Screw geocache at a small park in Rutgers University. From the logs, I knew there was something a little extra required for the cache. I didn't bring any special equipment but the cache was just within my reach. (I was able to touch it with a fingertip.) Good thing I'm tall enough.

Then I met up with kaysho for lunch in Edison. By coincidence, I arrived mere moments after he did because we met in the parking lot outside the restaurant. Anyway, it was great to have his company for lunch.

After that, I headed further South to get two more caches: one in Monmouth County and one in Ocean County.

The RU Screw (New Jersey)
Diener Park, Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

Standing and Tall and Dead (New Jersey)
Middletown Township Conservation Area in Lincroft.

Merlin's Realm (New Jersey)
Lake Shenandoah County Park in Lakewood. A scenic pine barrens-like park with a nice path.

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