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U-scan better not be sticky

Finished most of the Fall 2002 Cybersurfari yesterday evening. Did a few more questions today. Had a chuckle at one of them.

Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab
Is your computer keyboard beginning to look icky?
Some of the keys even feel sticky!
Yikes! What can we do?

Yeah, keyboards sure get sticky a lot. Wonder what the cause of that would be. :) Good thing there was nothing about printers. ;)

Also, I went through the city/state list and figured out in which state capitals I still haven't received a Where's George? hit. Those would be the capitals of ID, IL, KS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, SD and WV. I have hits in the other 39 state capitals, which is more than I thought. Whereas, for the states themselves, I have hits in 49 states, missing only South Dakota.

And finally, I hate going to the supermarket during my lunch break and realizing that I'd left the coupons at home. Darn. Oh well, more Georges went into the U-scan machine. Speaking of which, I discovered that the U-scan machines at the A&P Woodcliff Lake (not George-friendly but they can... *censored*) are not accepting $50 bills any more. Hmm... wonder why they changed that. I get big bills from time to time -- these were from returning the scanner to Office Depot a while back -- and the way I break them down is to put $1 bills into the U-scan machine until the amount is down to the very last dollar. And then I put in the $50 or $20 bill. That maximizes BFV (bill flow volume... heheh) because I would then get lots of bills back from the machine to enter into Where's George.


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