Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year Plus One

The tree with a face. (Floral Park) The tree with a face. (Floral Park)

Went out to Long Island. It started out sunny. Then the clouds rolled in and it got colder.

Had a good look at the police car on the Parkway median this morning. With the low angle of the sun, I could see that there was no one inside. So they left a police car out on the Parkway for 2 weeks? Really good use of a vehicle that the public paid for there. Also, aren't they always telling us not to leave our cars on the Parkway?

No traffic problems anywhere. Better than usual actually, because I guess few go to the Hamptons in the middle of winter. The only thing that might have caused a problem was a Christmas tree on one of the Bruckner Expressway ramps. Fortunately, I was able to avoid it.

Birdman of Floral Park N.Y. (New York)
Centennial Park in Floral Park.

Terrell Ave Park Cache (New York)
Terrell Avenue Park in Oceanside.

The Lost Cemetery TB Hotel (New York)
Trail View State Park in Woodbury.

Mac-48 Oddities III (New York)
West Hills County Park in Huntington. Supposedly, this part of the park is haunted.

Mac-44 West Hills (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville.

DPM-2: Lame Micro @ The Cinema Arts Centre (New York)
War memorial and cherry grove in Huntington.

Chalet Motor Inn in Centerport.

DPM-3: Lame Park n' Grab @ The LI Info Center (New York)
Long Island Tourist Information Center in Huntington Station. It's odd though that you have to go all the way out to the middle of the Long Island to get tourist info. Maybe they should move it to the Queens/Nassau border.

Mac-43 Old Commack Rd. (New York)
Commack Road DEC Area in Deer Park.

Mac-46 Oddities (New York)
Amityville. This cache is meant to bring you to the Amityville Horror house.

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