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Happy Halloween!

There was a bit of snow as I left work yesterday evening. Not heavy. Just a light dusting. By 7:30pm, you wouldn't know it had snowed at all.

Went out to find this geocache early this morning. Old Troy Park in Parsippany is a bit far away for a morning cache dash but I thought I'd better visit it in its current location before the cache owner relocates it. It was a pretty easy walk in the colorful woods of fall, except for the end when I lost the trail and just bushwhacked straight to the cache. Oh well. Good thing it's the kind of woods you can just walk straight through without encountering bushes or other obstructions. I like this Brian's caches. He puts some good items into his caches instead of the usual Happy Meal toys, although the lady's pocketbook in this one had me wondering.

Headed off to work next. Hardly anyone had costumes on, although a few co-workers did bring their costumed kids for a short visit.

Anyway, I have some candy at home to give out to anyone who stops by this evening. I don't expect any kids though. This being a northern NJ suburb, most trick-or-treating is done at the mall in a controlled environment but sometimes you get the third panel of this comic strip. :) In any case, I got what I like. Chocolate.

Lately, I started using the latest beta of the Phoenix web browser and I must say it's pretty good. Phoenix is a stripped-down version of Mozilla. It's somewhat faster and leaner, and has some new features that I like: accesskey support (useful for Where's George), better popup blocking, hotkeys for tabs, and type ahead find. However, as I haven't tried the Mozilla 1.2 beta yet, I don't know which of the features are specific to Phoenix and which were introduced in Mozilla 1.2. Also, the Phoenix Help website is useful as the documentation is currently rather lacking.


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