Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Saturday

Sardinian donkey Sardinian donkey

at the Bergen Zoo

It was a rainy morning so I cleaned up a bit around kitchen/dining area. Found three checks so I cashed them at the bank. Thank goodness for Saturday banking hours.

Then the rain slowed to a light drizzle so I decided to go out to the store. On my way there, I stopped at the GeoHenry geocache at Van Saun Park in Paramus. It was very easy, and the only annoyance was the waterlogged baseball field that I had to cross.

Anyway, since I was at Van Saun Park and since I hadn't been to the Bergen Zoo in quite a while, I went in to see what's new. There appears to be some construction going on but I saw that they have torn down one of the barns to build a small Nature Center. I don't know if they'll have more exhibits there in the future but the building currently has a reptile exhibit (tortoise, lizard, snake) and a movie room.

The residents of the farmyard seem to change every year. The Nubian goats that used to be there have been replaced by San Clemente goats. In place of the horse, there are now two Sardinian donkeys. The cows and sheep have also been replaced by different varieties of cows and sheep. In the non-farmyard portion of the zoo, some animals have been removed for the winter but the condor, rhea, guanaco, bobcats, and mountain lions are still on display.

Sardinian donkey Sardinian donkey
Sardinian donkey

Sardinian donkey

Sardinian donkey San Clemente goat
Sardinian donkey

San Clemente goat

San Clemente goat Devon milk cow
San Clemente goat

Devon milk cow

Randall's Lineback Cow Tunis sheep
Randall's Lineback Cow

Tunis sheep

Dominique chickens Ducks
Dominique chickens


Rhea Bobcat


Mountain Lion Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion


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