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This is your brain... in a geocache

Went out for this virtual cache in the morning. Paterson isn't too far away so it was a quick stop or so I thought. Met fellow geocacher BassoonPilot at the parking lot there and we walked over to the spot, got the info for the cache and took some pictures. (posted on the cache page) It's a pretty scenic location by the Great Falls. Then we went back to the parking area and had a long chat about the caches and cachers in the area. Eventually, it was time to go to work... maybe, umm... a bit later than usual. Heheh. :)

Considered going out yesterday evening for a Halloween night cache. Going into the woods with a flashlight would be spooky, especially if there are ruins to explore. But I decided against it. Most of the parks and open spaces won't allow visitors after dark and as one of the top cachers in the area, I guess I had to set a good example.

There is, however, a cache that is specially designed for finding in the dark. I've already found it though. It is strange that so far, only a few cachers have been there as it really is lots of fun and not as difficult as the rating implies. You just have to be prepared with flashlights and have adequate navigation skills. (because you can't see very far ahead in the dark)

As expected, no trick-or-treaters came by... but then again, perhaps it's because I missed them all because I got home from work after six in the evening. Okay then. More chocolate for me.

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