Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cold Day on the Island

Reflection in Mill Creek Reflection in Mill Creek

Port Jefferson, NY

Went out to Long Island. It was quite a cold day today. I don't think the temperature was that far under the freezing point but at some points during the day, I thought I would lose an extremity or my face would freeze off. Maybe I should have worn a baklava balalaika balaclava. Nevertheless, I did what I could and called it a day.

Due to happenstance, it was easier to have fish at the Long John Silver's in West Islip than the one in Patchogue. The former is actually a co-branded A&W/LJS restaurant. Anyway, I was having a "Fish and More" there when I got the idea of buying one of their A&W mugs to replace a glass that I broke a while ago. Indeed they were selling those, and so I now have a new mug in the kitchen.

Came back to New Jersey and stopped at Paramus Towne Square to see if the Borders store had a good book on Adobe Illustrator. No, they didn't have any good books on that. So I left Borders and was walking back to my car when I was approached by a bunch of kids. They asked if they could have a picture taken with me and said that it was for a website. Seeing no reason to object or care, I said okay. And so a few of them who had digital cameras took pictures of me next to one of the kids. So if you see my picture on a teen blog somewhere or some weird website, you know why.

WS - 1 "The Holy Tree @ Catheral Pines" (New York)
Cathedral Pines Park in Middle Island.

M&M-24 "We Were Here" (New York)
Ridge Conservation Area in Ridge.

WRR-24 Hike to Sandy Pond (New York)
Calverton Ponds Preserve in Manorville.

WRR-25 Hike to Fox Pond (New York)
Calverton Ponds Preserve in Manorville.

Str8 4ward (New York)
Calverton Ponds Preserve in Calverton.

DPM-1: Lame Micro @ Old Mill Creek (New York)
Mill Creek Walkway in Port Jefferson.

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