Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Colder Day on the Mainland

New Market Pond New Market Pond

It was colder today than yesterday. I almost got frostbite even with gloves on. Then again, it could be because there are holes in my gloves for some reason.

Anyway, I stayed in New Jersey and just went for a bunch of geocaches that I thought would be quick and easy, so that I didn't have to remain out in the cold for too long.

The car's odometer rolled over in Morristown. 200,000 miles. (Also 10 years old, since I bought it new in January of 1995.)

Weirdest thing on the highway today: Four dragons on a trailer behind a pickup truck going down I-287. When I got closer, I saw that it was a piece from an amusement park ride.

Sycamore Field (New Jersey)
Soccer field in Westfield.

Look at the Ducks (New Jersey)
New Market Pond in Piscataway. Looks like quite a bit of work went into making this cache.

T.S. trailside 1 (New Jersey)
Randolph Trails in Randolph.

I almost went to college (New Jersey)
Brundage Park in Randolph.

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