Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Greedy for Digital Storage (GFDS)

Went out to the Palisades Center Mall this evening. I guess I should've gone to Paramus, where the sales tax is lower, instead, but seeing as how the temperature was way, way down, it was better to be able to get everything done in one big enclosed area.

I was browsing CompUSA when I thought I'd check their selection of CompactFlash cards. I saw some 1GB CF cards and they were much, much cheaper than I expected, showing how far out of the loop I was when it came to keeping up with storage prices. (There was also a sale on those, and a rebate on top of that.) So of course I got one. The way storage and memory prices have come down is amazing. As I recall, 2 years ago, a 64MB CF card cost as much as a 1GB card does now. 16 times the storage for the same money! Just imagine what kind of world it would be if everything followed that pricing trend. You can get a burger today for a few dollars, or 2 years later, you can get 16 burgers for the same money. Of course, you'd be 16 times as overweight too, but that's a different problem. :) Or maybe the burgers will be 16 times as dense. So they'll be compact burger-shaped rocks full of burgery goodness.

Anyway, I just had to pop the 1GB card into my digital camera to try it out. The camera said there was room for 2,015 pictures. That number was so ridiculously large as to evoke peals of laughter. (*snaps a picture of the mall parking garage* Look! There's still room for 2,014 pictures!!!)

While I was at the mall, I also got the Wolf's Rain Vol. 5 DVD. I was able to watch some of Vols. 1-4 over the Winter break so I thought I'd get the next one too. Anyway, imagine what it would be like if those DVDs were priced like CF cards. Instead of one DVD at $20, you can get the whole series for $20. And they'll throw in the animation studio too. And it'll fit in your pocket. And it'll be packed wall-to-wall with ant-like people drawing on microscopic cels. But I digress. :)

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