Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Milk and Bread Mob (MBM)

This evening, the supermarket was full of people stocking up on milk and other groceries for the impending snowstorm. Unfortunately, due to poor planning on my part, I ran out of milk and a few other items today, so I too had to join in the madness. Ugh!

Found two Where's George bills in a strap of bills: [1] [2] Both of them were written on, not stamped. They were marked so discreetly that I wouldn't have noticed the first one if it wasn't on top of the strap, and I didn't notice the second one until the Where's George website told me. Still, it's cool that both bills have been out there for quite a while and both have traveled significant distances.

I had to get the strap from the Ramsey bank branch, which isn't my usual bank branch. The last 3 times I called the local branch, they told me that they were out of dollar bills, not just in the teller drawers but also in the vault! Either that's the truth, which would be bizarre, or it's their way of asking me not to take out dollar bills so often. Anyway, the Ramsey branch, being the regional headquarters, is much larger and should not run out of small bills.
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