Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Am I Done Yet??

Malltown parking lot at night Malltown parking lot at night

In the evening, I was checking the geocache listings and I saw one appear in the mall area of Paramus. So what if it was 11pm at night? I went out to get the Shopper's Options geocache.

It was actually pretty simple. It wasn't quite where I assumed it would be so I ended up parking in the wrong parking lot and making it a bit of a walk up the ramp. It wasn't so bad this time of the night though because the stores were closed and there was hardly any traffic. One good thing about the area is the abundance of streetlights, so no flashlight was needed to look for the cache.

What's this? Another roadside cache in Ramsey! I'll never get to sleep at this rate. :)
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