Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

More places to stick my photos

Mount Snow! Mount Snow!

Next to the Park Ridge post office.

Thanks to Chris P. for informing me that one of the pages on my website is a googlewhack for sputum capibara. No, the web page wasn't actually about the bodily fluids of large South American rodents. However, the two words do appear somewhere on that web page and it is the only Google search result from that 2-word query. Of course now that I've written about it, it may not be a googlewhack for much longer.

I've been a bit slow on the uptake on this one because until today, I hadn't noticed that Amazon allows you to upload images for non-book products. It could be pictures of the packaging from a different angle. Or it could be pictures of the item once it has been removed from the packaging. Or it could be pictures of you using the item. Helpful pictures like those.

The more interesting part about this is they now have Yellow Pages on their other portal,, and if you happen to have a picture of a storefront or of the street area with the store in view, you can upload the picture to that store's yellow pages entry. They mentioned that in compiling their image collection for certain cities, they employed people who drove around with digital cameras and GPS receivers. That sounds like a cool job to do if I ever run into a lot of free time. (Goodness knows I already drive around with a digital camera and a GPS receiver. :) )

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