Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Biagio and Beth Biagio and Beth

at Biagio Pizza

Went out to the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania today. I didn't think they would have as much snow in the valley but the snow was still a foot deep in most park areas. Worse yet, some parking areas were full of snow so I had to park out on the street. I skipped a bunch of geocaches that I figured would be under snow and therefore tough to find. I did manage to find 5 caches though. All of them were anywhere from knee-high to eye-level, and so their difficulty was unaffected by the presence of snow. Ran into Eaglescouting at one of the cache sites. They seem to be another bunch of people who enjoy tramping out into the snow to look for caches.

Anyway, the real reason I went to Lehigh Valley was to go to Biagio Pizza in Palmer Township. With over 126,000 bills entered, Biagio is one of the top 10 users at Where's George. He used to work with his brother, Pino, (who's also a Top 10 Georger) at Picasso Pizza in Bethlehem. But since April of last year, he has been running his own pizza place. He has the exact same menu as Picasso Pizza so the food is good. This evening, I had a slice of chicken fajita pizza, a slice of taco pizza, and a garlic roll.

LV East Micro (Pennsylvania )
Town park in Raubsville. (Well, basically just the parking lot of the park.)

A Little Riparian Entertainment (Pennsylvania)
Riverview Park in Palmer Township.

PennPumpParkInPalmerTownship (Pennsylvania )
Penn Pump Park in Palmer Township.

A-Corny Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bethlehem Northside Athletic Park in Farmersville.

Pointe North Micro (Pennsylvania )
Recreational area in Hanover Township. Almost couldn't tell that there was a parking area under all that snow.


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