Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Snowman with orange cone hat and t-shirt Snowman with orange cone hat and t-shirt

Outside the Southampton Volunteer Ambulance station.
Sunset with power lines and stuff Sunset with power lines and stuff

Along the Montauk Highway

Went out to Long Island today. There was a light dusting of snow in the early morning, but after that the weather was comparatively warm. (Above freezing is warm compared to the last week or so.)

Generally, there wasn't as much snow in the wooded areas as there was in Pennsylvania. The distribution of snow was a little unusual though. It was knee-deep in some places but in other places, there were patches of bare grass. The snow actually helped at one location where there was a lot of bramble. Since the snow was high enough to cover the bramble, I was able to walk through the area without getting scratched.

Mia's Micro Cache (New York)
Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.

#13 (Mud Micro) (New York )
Bergen Point marina in West Babylon.

I'm an Idiot. (New York)
Strip mall in East Islip. Quite possibly the most obvious microcache in the world.

Street corner in Medford. How many street corners have gazebos?

Lady of the Island (New York)
Lady of the Island Church in Manorville. This is quite a big piece of land for a church.

old skool krome:S12 (New York )
Wooded area next to Hart Cove in East Moriches.

Lizzy Grubman Memorial Micro (New York)
Conscience Point in Southampton. This is near the location where Lizzie Grubman went berserk outside the Conscience Point Inn, and backed over 16 people with her Mercedes-Benz SUV.


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