Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Skip the sublime. Just go to the ridiculous!

#1: From ShutterStock:

Powerlines suggested as alternate spelling for powerlines

Yeah, I guess "powerlines" is a good spelling correction suggestion for "powerlines." :)

#2: This spam:

With the Feds announcement of a raise in interest rates on Wednesday February 2, 2005. We took the liberty Tuesday to pull up a good faith estimate on p.o. box 5 before the rate increase good take affect.

This is what we found out when we compared your current p.o. box 5 mortgage to other park ridge comps in the area that have already taken advantage of the park ridge finance zone.

To the best of our knowledge we can save p.o. box 5 approx $4500.00 per year with a 3 year savings of $13,500.00 and we can do all this with no cost out of pocket.

Because property is in such demand in the 07656 it has driven property value 100% of what is worth 3 years ago. Now you can pull cash out of p.o. box 5 for anything that you would need.

For more information and your estimate for p.o. box 5 within minutes please follow below

Wow! I can capitalize on the equity in a Post Office Box?? Cool! Maybe I can use that on a trip to the Superbowl. :)

#3: In the news:

Chinese man grows his own chairs

No IKEA for this fellow. :)

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