Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey Super Wawa Run

Wawa green tea iced tea Wawa green tea iced tea

Went South, down the Philly side of the state to Salem County, and then across to Atlantic City, and then back North again. All the caches were easy and could be found, even with snow on the ground, not that there was very much snow in South Jersey. Well, okay, Westfield Devil wasn't so easy and I only realized what it was after I'd walked away from it. But if you've seen one of those trick hides, you've seen them all, and I've seen about half a dozen of them already.

Six of the caches happened to be hidden at Wawa stores, so I took the opportunity to get food and stock up on iced tea at the last of the series. The open-faced roast pork, which I thought was a sandwich, turned out to be a Hot-To-Go bowl. In other words, instead of pork between slices of bread, I got the bread in a bowl with the roast pork on top of the bread. How unexpected. Also visited lowen_kind, since he happened to be near one of the Wawa caches. We took a short walk from his home to the cache location.

Somewhere in Salem County, I came across Cowtown, an interesting store with a giant cow and a giant cowboy in front. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop to take pictures because there wasn't a single available parking space! Apparently, it's the only attraction for miles around so that's where everyone goes.

Westfield Devil (New Jersey)
Street corner in Westfield.

Travel Bug Train Stop (New Jersey )
Metuchen Centennial Park in Metuchen.

Memorial Micro (New Jersey)
Metuchen Memorial Park in Metuchen.

Flyin' Bugs (New Jersey )
Next to the Flying J rest stop in Penns Grove.

My Choice, My Cache #1 (Woodstown) (New Jersey)
Wawa store in Woodstown.

My Choice, My Cache #2 (Pole Tavern) (New Jersey )
Wawa store in Pole Tavern, near Elmer.

My Choice, My Cache #3 (Malaga) (New Jersey)
Wawa store in Malaga.

My Choice, My Cache #4 (Buena) (New Jersey )
Wawa store in Buena.

Wobble (New Jersey)
Michael Debbie Recreational Park in Richland.

My Choice, My Cache #5 (New Jersey )
Wawa store in Mays Landing.

My Choice, My Cache #6 (New Jersey)
Wawa store in Egg Harbor Township.


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