Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - Down the Shore

Rahway River Rahway River

Went down the shore side of the state this time around. Although most of the caches were in snow-covered woodlands, they were actually easier to find because there had been some visitors since the last snowfall. All I had to do was follow the tracks, and the most prominent set of tracks would often end right at the cache site.

There weren't any snow tracks at Little Level, and it was supposed to be a tough micro cache. Fortunately, I was able to deduce the cache's hiding spot from bits and pieces of information inadvertently revealed by other geocachers in their cache logs. So it didn't take too much searching.

Drove by the Ford Motor Co. Edison Assembly Plant in the evening. When did they tear it down? I remember seeing the empty building not so long ago, but it's rubble now.

Thats a Nawsome Cache!!! (New Jersey)
Rahway River park in Cranford.

Little Level (New Jersey )
Roosevelt Park in Edison.

the train is running a tad late (New Jersey)
Allaire State Park in Howell.

Bridge Over Troubled Geocache Seekers Water? (New Jersey )
Ocean County Park in Lakewood.

Game time (New Jersey)
Lake Shenandoah County Park in Lakewood.

Fogerty at the Forge? (New Jersey )
Double Trouble State Park (Dover Forge) in Berkeley Township.

Dover Forgery (New Jersey)
Double Trouble State Park (Dover Forge) in Berkeley Township.

Feelin Buggy at Eno's Pond (New Jersey )
Enos Pond County Park in Lacey Township.


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