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Pa. woman charged in W. Milford burglaries

She got nabbed by the police when she stopped to ask for directions. I knew these confusing North Jersey roads were good for something. :)

Pa. woman charged in W. Milford burglaries

Monday, February 7, 2005


WEST MILFORD - A Pennsylvania woman was arrested in the burglaries of two houses after she stopped a police officer to ask for directions while her car was filled with the stolen items, police said.

Gina Vansyckel, 35, from Mount Pocono, Pa., flagged down Officer Donald O'Keefe about 4 p.m. Friday on Union Valley Road asking for directions to a local street and then to Route 23. As she pulled away from O'Keefe, he noticed a brake light was out on her vehicle, police said.

While following her, he checked the license plate and found there was a Pennsylvania warrant out on Vansyckel for miscellaneous drug charges. O'Keefe pulled Vansyckel over and found a large amount of jewelry, coins, fur coats and new clothing in the vehicle.

"We caught her before the homeowners even knew they had been burglarized," said Sgt. James Paul. "We think she just hit the houses before we got her."

The homes were on Macopin and Gould roads. Police have not determined the value of the items taken.

Vansyckel was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft and receiving stolen property. Police said she told them she was working alone. She had been staying at an undisclosed hotel in Wayne, authorities said.

"We don't know why she picked these houses or this town," Paul said. "She might have been from this area at one time; we're not sure."

Vansyckel is being held without bail in the Passaic County Jail on the fugitive from justice warrant. Bail for the West Milford charges was set at $15,000, with no 10 percent option.
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