Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Using Google Maps to find bear paws - A technical overview blah, blah, blah

Google Maps is very nice indeed, although it doesn't quite work in K-Meleon. The map seems to work if I change K-Meleon's User Agent to Internet Explorer, but the local searches don't display anything on the right side of the page. So I had to run Firefox, just for Google Maps.

Anyway, after making sure that there weren't any particularly interesting results for "prostitutes" and "drugs" in my neighborhood, I did a few other searches. A search on "geocaching" produced the NY/NJ Trail Conference, which is not surprising as their office is in nearby Mahwah. "Malaysian restaurant" didn't come up with any results that I didn't already know about. I was familiar with the nearest result for "Thai restaurant" (Royal Siam in Pearl River) but other than the two closest results, the rest were 20 miles away for some reason. Also ran a search for "fursuit," just on a whim. That produced some costume stores in NYC, but also BearHands, a manufacturer of bear paw mittens. Hmm, interesting. Their closest retail affiliate is just a few miles from home so I'll take a look there first to see what's available.

The only thing I did for Mardi Gras yesterday was I went to Popeye's to use their special Mardi Gras coupon to get a box of spicy fried chicken. That was enough for two meals. I guess I could go out for a Chinese New Year dinner again soon, since the festival is supposed to last 15 days. It's the year of the Wood Rooster. (the element and sign together make it a 60-year cycle)
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