Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Curses! Swamped again

In the woods at dusk In the woods at dusk

The swelling in the lymph node had gone down significantly by the morning. There is still a slight lump, but it should go away eventually. I really should stop checking on it.

Made an order at the Bearhands website last night. Then this morning, I got a call from Jeff, who wanted to make sure that I meant to order the Large size, because apparently their "large" is larger than the usual large. (That reminded me of a Thai restaurant somewhere in Woodbridge that claimed that their "hot" is hotter than the usual hot.) There wasn't a sizing guide on the website so I really didn't know how large Large is. I do know that I have trouble with most regular gloves that have a size of large. Anyway, he's going to send a Large and I can exchange it for a Medium if Large is too large. (Not that it's necessarily a problem, depending on what you're using the mitts for. Unless they're large enough to flag down a plane.)

Discovered this afternoon that the right front turn signal had a blown bulb so I went to get it replaced. (Mileage = 201,836)

After that, I went for the Curse of the Suburban Jungle: Redux geocache in a wooded area in Norwood. The "curse" part of this cache is probably that it is located in a rather swampy area. There was a layer of ice on top of the water. Unfortunately, I broke through the ice and got wet anyway. There was also a precarious stream crossing, but I did that the easy way by sitting on the log and scooting over. Overall, it was a decent adventure for a Friday.

Sold my first download at ShutterStock today. (20 cents... we're in the money! :) )

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