Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - From Sewers to Liars

Inside the storm drain Inside the storm drain

There was an oil spill on the Brucker Expressway, so that closed off my usual route to Long Island. Fortunately, I was still able to use the Whitestone Bridge, which didn't add much distance to the trip.

The most unusual adventure of the day was "Suburban Spelunking." This one involved a walk down a storm drain. I don't think it was a long walk, but it sure felt like a long walk because the ceiling of the storm drain was only 4 feet high. So I had to walk in a bent-over posture all the way. It was a relatively clean storm drain though. Some graffiti, but very little garbage. No rats, roaches, or ninja turtles.

At the last cache of the day, I was looking around in a patch of woods when one of the locals asked if I had lost something. (My mind!!!) I told her it wasn't that I had lost something. Instead, I explained, I was looking to find something. Then she said "Oooohhhh!" which was strange because I didn't think I actually explained anything there.

At Long John Silver's, I opened the restroom door on someone who was in mid-pee. I hope that he will start using the lock on the door.

Suburban Spelunking (New York )
Inside a storm drain. Franklin Square Park in Franklin Square.

Foundations of Education (New York)
Bethpage State Park (accessed from SUNY Farmingdale) in Farmingdale.

Willow Creek at Caleb Smith State Park (New York )
Caleb Smith State Park in Smithtown.

WS - P3 - Upper Nissequoque Put-in (New York)
Canoe put-in in Smithtown.

Brown's River Headwaters (New York )
County parkland in Sayville.

Sans Souci Lakes version 2.0 (New York)
Sans Souci County Park in Sayville.

Ecology Cache version 2.0 (New York )
Holtsville Ecology Park in Holtsville.

WS - P5 Swan (East) Lake Put-in (New York)
Swan Lake in Patchogue.

WS - P1 Talmadge Trail - Upper Lake Put-in (New York )
Upper Lake in Yaphank.

WS - 7 Talmadge Trail - Pebble Bridge Golf Course (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank. Here's where the LIARS (Long Island Automotive Restoration Society :) ) part comes in because almost everything in the cache description was made up.

FLY AWAY:S12 (New York )
Near the Calabro Airport in Shirley.


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