Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ (all the way to the Delaware Water Gap)

Alien in the woods Alien in the woods (at Project X: Little Green Men)

I wasn't planning on doing very much today, but at some point, madness took over and I ended up in Pennsylvania.

One thing about small towns is all the stores are closed on Sunday. Portland, PA is no exception, so I was unable to buy a Powerball ticket. Union Jack's Cafe was open though. This unusual establishment appears to be a British-themed restaurant. (at the Delaware Gap, of all places?) I didn't stop there for dinner so I don't know if their fish and chips is any good, but there'll be other occasions when I'll be in the area. (Portland isn't far from I-80.)

All in all, it was a good day with no untoward incidences. There were a number of scenic views. Arrow Island on the Delaware River with a mountainous backdrop was scenic. Boonton Falls was scenic. Rockaway River at the lock was scenic. The I-80 Scenic View... you bet it was scenic. :)

Just For Smiles (New Jersey)
Halsey A Frederick Memorial Park in Mountain Lakes.

Old Shipping Lane (New Jersey )
Griffith Park in Boonton. Rockaway River at Lock 11.

You Got to Be Kidding? (New Jersey)
Graceland Park (Boonton Falls) in Boonton.

Project X: Little Green Men Cache (New Jersey )
Farny State Park (Split Rock Reservoir) in Rockaway. A bit of an alien theme here.

Swayze Mill #1 (New Jersey)
Swayze Mill Park in Hope.

Sycamore Park #1 (New Jersey )
Sycamore Park and the Paulinskill Valley Trail in Blairstown. I used the Paulinskill Trail so I took the long way for this one. (Access from the park would only require walking across a soccer field.) Nevertheless, it was easy.

Pa. or N.J.? (New Jersey)
Pedestrian bridge between Columbia, NJ and Portland, PA. Good view of the Delaware River from the middle of the bridge.

LV North Micro (Pennsylvania )
Arrow Island Lookout (Delaware Water Gap) in Mt Bethel. Quite a scenic area with mountains, an island, and the Delaware River.

Scenic Overlook (New Jersey)
I-80 Scenic View in Allamuchy.


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