Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Stroudsburg and NEPA

Last week, I got up to Portland, but that was just the beginning. This time around, I ventured deeper, into Stroudsburg and environs. Stroudsburg seemed like a busy place at first, but once I got off the two main roads, it was more like a sleepy hollow. This locality was unfamiliar to me so there was some uncertainty in picking the correct local roads to get from one place to another. Even so, it was easier than navigating some parts of Bergen County, which I am supposed to know.

There was a street named Million Dollar Highway in Bangor. When I saw it on the map, I had to go and check it out to see if it was paved in gold leaf. It turned out to be just another quiet street running through a residential area. A web search on "Million Dollar Highway" returns information on the famous Million Dollar Highway in Colorado instead. It is likely that this Million Dollar Highway was named after that one.

The oddest location today was next to a Monroe County prison. The cache was in a park sharing a (barb-wired) fence with the prison and you could see the orange-jumpsuited inmates as you entered the park. On this cold day though, they were in the indoor basketball court.

Colonel Jacob Stroud Was Here (Pennsylvania )
Cemetery in Stroudsburg where the founder of the town was buried.

Park Place Hide (Pennsylvania)
Albertson Park in Stroudsburg.

The River Runs Wide (Pennsylvania )
Brodhead Greenway in Stroudsburg.

Back to School in NEPA (Pennsylvania)
Near some soccer fields in Stroudsburg.

Not a Pine in Big Pines (Pennsylvania )
Big Pines Park in Stroudsburg.

cache by the creek (Pennsylvania)
Monroe County Park in Stroudsburg. Next to the prison.

Back to School FTF's Cache #1 (Pennsylvania )
Historic site in Stroudsburg.

Granny's Secret Stash (Pennsylvania)
Inside Granny's yard in East Bangor.

Sportsmans Series; I Double Dog Dare Ya! (Pennsylvania )
Minsi Lake in Bangor.

Sportsmans Series ;Cache and Release (Pennsylvania)
Minsi Lake in Bangor. Quite a Rube Goldberg cache mechanism.

Minsi Lake Cache (Pennsylvania )
Minsi Lake in Bangor.


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