Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

President's Day in Central Jersey

It started snowing last night at around 9:30pm. The snow showers were going strong when I went to sleep. When I woke up, there were still some snow sprinkles. So I went back to sleep. Woke up again later, had a leisurely breakfast (to allow plenty of time for all those accidents on the highways to be taken care of), and then headed out. Brushed 8 inches of snow off my car. By that time, there was only a slight drizzle.

The police car in the Garden State Parkway median was still there, except that this afternoon, it was all covered in snow. So it was very obviously not a speed trap. By now though, everyone should have figured that out already.

Went for some caches in the Central Jersey area that I figured could be done in the snow. There was a bit of a problem with ALARM #7. The coordinates were off by around 750 feet. (which explains why no one had found it yet) Fortunately, I knew the layout of the service area and I had a good idea where the cache would be hidden. "Plays in-the-Park!" was also supposedly a tricky one. Several geocachers have had trouble with it. I only needed a few minutes to find it though. And in fact, I have seen something like this before in a Virginia Beach cache.

After all that, I went to Penang Restaurant in Edison to have another go at the Chinese New Year specials. I think it's the 3rd last day of the festival.

ALARM #7 - NJTP - Thomas Edison Rest Area (New Jersey )
New Jersey Turnpike service area in Port Reading.

ALARM #9 - GSP - Colonia Service Area (New Jersey)
Garden State Parkway service area in Colonia.

Plays in-the-Park! (New Jersey )
Plays-in-the-Park theater in Roosevelt Park in Edison.

ALARM #8 - NJTP - Grover Cleveland Rest Area (New Jersey)
New Jersey Turnpike service area in Sewaren.


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