Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Late February of my Discontent

Oil change this evening. Mileage is 203,281. Comment from service tech: "You put a lot of miles on the car." Yeah, no kidding. :)

If I understand their latest mailings correctly, E*TRADE is closing all their Sweep Class money market funds and moving all the accounts to Sweep Deposit Accounts. In other words, interest on cash balances is going to suck. In addition, the minimum account balance required to avoid the quarterly fee has gone up from $5,000 to $10,000. I believe the quarterly fee itself has gone up to $40, although I don't remember what the previous fee was. (I think it was $25.) Generally, I think they run their online brokerage and mutual fund supermarket pretty well, but I'm tempted to ditch them.

Wunderground Photo Galleries seems to have a bigger viewership now. As I was uploading photos yesterday night, I got a bunch of messages from other Wunderground members. That's a lot more feedback than I usually get there, which is nothing. And one of the members who sent a message is a geocacher from the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania whom I've met.

I'm now up to 6 download sales at Shutterstock because someone downloaded all the fruit and vegetable photos that I snapped at the supermarket. I really need to get motivated to process and submit more photos as I have a ton of those from last weekend. A larger gallery could lead to more downloads.
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