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In Suffern, Not Suffering

I've been bad and not writing. NaNoWriMo word count remains at 15,733.

I can now get a free turkey at the A&P supermarket. Not too difficult. Only had to accumulate $150 in purchases and I've had a month (I think) to do that. Now, here's the strange thing... comparing the past few receipts, the total appears to be based on regular prices, not the discount card sale prices. Given that I shop by just going through the sale items in the weekly flyer, I probably only spent about $100 or less to get to that point. That's really a low threshold though. Some families can hit $150 in one shopping trip alone. So... are there any turkey chunkin' events in the area? :) Guess I'll have to roast it myself.

Saw a new travel bug hotel (really just a special-purpose geocache) posted yesterday evening so I went for it this morning before work. Didn't take too long to find and I was the first finder. It was a nice view of the I-287/I-87 intersection (ooh, look at those curves :) ) from up there on the hill. Hung around for a bit but no other geocachers showed up. A bit disappointing because usually, when there's a new cache, a bunch of hardcore cachers will rush there the next day like a crazy treasure hunt. Was it too cold or something? :P Also found this benchmark at the trailhead so I logged that too.

Why do I get ads in the mail that are completely in Chinese? They might infer my language from my name but if they're going to spend money on mailing those out, why not have an English version of the text on the other side of the brochure? I think I'll just send those to my father, who can't read much Chinese either. :)


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