Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

The weather forecast said "chance of rain," but it didn't rain a single drop the whole day. The odds must have been in my favor.

"S12:120 STEP MICRO" was the weirdest one today. It was a multi-stage cache, but I never found the first stage. Instead, I just went to where I thought the final stage would be, took a look, and found it. A number of geocachers seem to have done it the same way, so it wasn't exactly tough to figure out, even without the final coordinates.

The newest craze seems to be billboard caches. Found two of them today. Once again, I have to question why those are allowed with no letter of permission posted, as I'd imagine billboards are private property.

Met some geocachers today: Jestjuggle (who took the ferry from Connecticut) at "Raditz-4," and Bayonets4u at "S12:WHAT'S UP?" One advantage I have is Long Island and Connecticut are equally accessible to me by road. Whereas someone who lives in Connecticut would have to drive West into the Bronx and then drive East across Long Island, which would be double the distance and aggravation. Most people who make that trip usually take the ferry, which ends up costing over $40 each way! (That actually makes the bridge tolls I pay not seem so horrendous.)

Parking lot in West Islip.

S12:120 STEP MICRO (New York )
Footbridge in West Islip.

Mac-54 Thanks Roy! (New York)
Gardiners County Park in Bay Shore.

LWK-5 Lame woods cache (New York )
Wooded area in Hauppauge.

Raditz-4 (New York)
Bill Richards Memorial Park in Smithtown.

S12:BABY'S CACHE (New York )
Another weird roadside place in Bohemia.

Theater parking lot in Holtsville.

S12:NOT A VETERAN (New York )
Veteran's Ballfield in Selden.

S12:WHATS UP? (New York)
Billboard in Medford.

S12:EMPTY OUTLET (New York )
Bellport Outlet Mall in Bellport.

Bored Bill? - H29 (New York)
Billboard in Brookhaven.

Woodland - H28 (New York )
Suffolk County Parkland in Brookhaven.

Beaver Dam Creek Restoration Project Earthcache (New York)
Beaver Dam Creek in Brookhaven.

Emily's Spooky Kid's Cache (New York )
Father Cyrus Tortora Memorial Park in Patchogue.


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