Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

It must be Post Cereal

Great Patchogue Lake Great Patchogue Lake

cerealadder69 friended 502 journals, but hasn't done anything since then. How unusual.

The cigarette lighter power adapter that I got on Monday was incompatible with my laptop. It came with 7 plug sizes, but the one that my laptop uses is bigger than all of them! So I returned the power adapter to CompUSA today. I like their new return policy. They didn't ask why I needed to return the item. Just punched in the information and handed me the cash. That took all of two minutes. Very nice. Especially good considering that the power adapter was in one of those annoying plastic clamshell packages, and so the package I returned to them was all cut up, mangled, and obviously not in resaleable condition.

The desk lamp that has been next to this computer (and the computer before that) for 7 years finally got corroded to such an extent that the switch no longer makes contact. So I'll have to get a new one. Not complaining though, as it has lasted long enough.
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