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One Friday omission: I found out that the annual company dinner is on the same weekend as Philcon. So I think I'll just have to skip the company dinner this year to go to Philcon and bag all the Philly Center City geocaches! Boy, are all my priorities screwed up or what?

NaNoWriMo update: 18,981 words. And no, I did not intend to make it a palindromic word count. Actually, I was thinking about it at lunch on Friday (fittingly, I was at TGI Friday's in Ramsey) and have several new ideas. More about that later. By the way, I find the service at that particular Friday's to be not up to their usual high standards (hah!) but maybe I should get used to it as that is Ramsey. (next door to the Madman of Mahwah :) )


Got up at 4am (as usual. I always get up earlier for geocaching than I do for work. Funny that.) and drove to Philly to bag-a-load-a-cache. Actually, only one cache was within the Philadelphia city limit but I like to think of the whole area as Philly anyway. Between the first and second cache, I followed a trolley on Lancaster Ave for a bit. Quite neat looking but rather poky and stops at practically every single junction. Argh! Scream! People there must be really, really patient. But it's neat anyway because that's the first time I ever saw one of those despite seeing the tracks everywhere.

Neat caches: This house is worth a visit. Lots of odd stuff there. This one is... ummm... just go and groan already. The Haunted House is ruin-icious! Fun to explore. Don't fall into the holes. I got lucky on this one but otherwise, it's a navigation challenge.

Unfortunately, this cache was plundered. The only items I found in the hiding spot were the cache lid and a travel bug. Amazing that the travel bug was still there. Of course, I took it to move to another cache. The problem with the hiding spot is three-fold: it is on a college campus about 200 feet from a dorm, the hiding spot is a hole in a tree right next to a popular trail, and the hole is facing the trail. I guess the cache owner will have to find a different place to hide the cache because that spot is just too risky.

I could not find this cache. Based on the logs, I suspect it has been moved around a bit.

The final tally: 12 caches (5 virtual, 7 regular), plus 1 locationless.


Got up a bit later so I cached around my area. Did some caches that required longer walks so I only had time for 3 caches today. The trading was very good though. I got two more travel bugs and left the two that I got on Saturday in Philly. (That's good for 70+ miles of travel bug mileage in one day.) I also got 7 Where's George dollars from the 3 caches. It's great that local geocachers are getting into georging in a big way. I usually see Georges in local caches but those are a rarity outside of North Jersey, except for some South Jersey caches where njski is leaving Georges.

This cache was a bit of a walk both level and uphill from the trailhead but you get a cool castle at the end. A lot of the castle wall still stands and there's another shorter wall going around it. The white trail actually goes over the latter wall but there are some rocks on one side to help you climb over.

Sammy Sturgeon, one of the travel bugs I picked up today, has a rather interesting goal. Once you pick it up, you use it to sign as many cache log books in New Jersey as you can before leaving it. In the logs, someone has done a dozen caches in a row before letting it go. I only wish I'd gotten it before my South Jersey trip. What a lot of caches it could have hit.

And now some quizzes...

Finally, a quiz for Georgers. :)

What Denomination are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I admit I don't know diddly about this show because I've only seen one episode and that was when I stayed overnight in Runnemede last weekend. He seems to be somewhat furry though. :)

What Inuyasha Character are you?


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