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Started a bit later this morning to allow time for the roads to be cleared of snow and ice. I saw a special truck going down the median of I-287 this morning. It was sucking up the snow, which is probably a better idea than just pushing it to the side.

The first stop was in Newfoundland, where I encountered fresh snow so deep that I sank in almost to my knees. Generally, the area had about a foot of snow but the geocache happened to be in a snowdrift. So that one took quite a bit of digging in the snow to find. There was also another cache in Ogdensburg where I had to go up a slippery snow-covered hill. After that, I declared that I had enough of this and I would stick to the easy caches.

Which once again led to a foray in Pennsylvania.

The Station Agent (New Jersey )
Newfoundland, near a train station.

TRL Pain In The Cache #8 (New Jersey)
Ogdensburg Memorial Park in Ogdensburg.

Heaters Pond''Hooked up'' Cache (New Jersey )
Sparta Mountain WMA in Ogdensburg.

TRL Pain In The Cache #9 (New Jersey)
Franklin Pond in Franklin.

TRL Pain In The Cache #10 (New Jersey )
Downtown Andover.

Waring Bandshell (Pennsylvania)
Delaware Water Gap.

cerberus1/trail hound/tyson BAIT! (Pennsylvania )
Unknown park in Stroudsburg.

The Old Mill (Pennsylvania)
The Old Mill historic site in Sciota.

CJ's - "It's Not My Time" (Pennsylvania )
St. John's Cemetery in Bangor.

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