Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Poor timing on my part led me to go to Long Island on the day when all the bridge tolls went up. Since I pay 3 bridge tolls per round trip, I figure it now costs $1.50 more to cross over to Long Island. Since the total was $11 before the toll hike, that's a 13.6% rise! The next time Greenspan says that inflation is under control, he should pay the toll.

That wasn't the worse part though. Most cash-paying travelers have their toll money ready when they get to the toll booth. Today, they were told that what they handed over was short by 50 cents. So there was much fumbling for change. That effect, multiplied by hundreds of vehicles, led to long lines at the toll booths. So what? I have E-ZPass, you say. Ah, but that only helps if cash-payers stay out of the E-ZPass lanes, which they don't.

Apart from that, it wasn't that bad of a trip. The only time there could have been a problem was when I thought I dropped my camera somewhere in the woods at Cordwood. But when I returned to the car, I saw it sitting on the cupholder so all was well.

Polifly (New Jersey )
A small park in Hasbrouck Heights.

Morse Code Cache! (New York)
Mill Pond Park in Bellmore.

Powerlines right of way in Ronkonkoma. Is this even a public area?

S12:TAKE A DIP (New York)
Centereach Pools in Centereach.

WS - P2 Satterly Landing (New York )
Satterly Landing in Mt. Sinai.

Cordwood Estate in Miller Place.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea (New York )
Chandler Estate in Mt. Sinai. An interesting Suffolk County Parkland hidden behind a church and cemetery.

Minimalist - H0 (New York)
Roadside by a church in Bellport.

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