Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

I'm lost and I'm found

Because of high gas prices, I decided in favor of doing some longer caches nearby before heading down the Jersey Shore. So I only got as far as Brick, which is okay.

The police came by to see what I was doing while I was at one of the cache sites. So I explained geocaching and showed them the cache sheet. And then one of them said, "Get out of here! That's so cool!" Okay, so that's the last reaction I expected. They radioed in the geocaching website URL, so they may be checking out some geocaches in the Belmar area later. I also told them where I was going to next, and they informed me about a bridge that was closed and suggested an alternate route. So that was helpful.

I finally got the pesky "Show Me A Sign" cache, which I couldn't do the last time because it is practically next to where the recycling center attendant sits. It wouldn't be a problem now because, according to the logs, the attendant has found out about the cache! Nevertheless, I was there later in the evening when no one was around, and so it was a cinch.

Rebel Printer (New Jersey)
Shepard Kollock Park in Chatham. Historic area pertaining to the Revolutionary War. See cache page for information.

Lake Surprise Vista (New Jersey )
Watchung Reservation in Mountainside.

Kim's Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Brightwood Park in Westfield.

The Cache Before Time (New Jersey )
Big Brook Preserve in Colts Neck. Took the wrong way but I survived going through the mud patch.

For you, Mr. Wells. (New Jersey)
Jackson Woods in Long Branch.

Deer Trail (New Jersey )
Joe Palaia Park in Ocean Township.

Submarine Races (New Jersey)
Intracoastal Waterway in Manasquan.

Jersey Shore River Walk (New Jersey )
Fisherman's Cove Park in Manasquan. This is basically a dog-walk beach.

Three Scoops (New Jersey)
Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. I don't think this is the largest ice cream cone I've seen, but it is big.

Show Me A Sign (New Jersey )
Point Pleasant Beach train station and recycling center.

Wheel Of Fortune (New Jersey)
Airport Tract Bike Path in Brick. A bit dark by the time I got there, but the cache was still easy to find with a million-candlepower flashlight.

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