Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Creamy Nougat Center

Easter Day today. Considering that the weather forecast called for "Chance of Rain," the day turned out pretty well. It was cold but cloudy in the morning, and sunny in the afternoon.

I'm not that good at climbing trees. One of the caches was hidden up a tree, but fortunately, this tree seemed to be more climbable than most trees because of its many horizontal branches.

Traffic this evening was the worst I've seen in recent memory, and it is probably because of everyone heading home after Easter. There were more than 10 miles of traffic delays on all the highways heading West. So I cut over to Northern Blvd, which is a local road going through all the town areas in the Northern (go figure :) ) half of Long Island. Unfortunately, that didn't help with the delays at the Throgs Neck and George Washington Bridges.

Oh, just shove it! (New York)
Cantiague Park in Hicksville.

GPS_DAVE_II (New York )
Bethpage Parkway in Massapequa.

Noodles has lost his marbles! (New York)
Gardiners County Park in Bay Shore.

Raditz-5 (New York )
Blydenburgh Park in Smithtown.

NZ4 - Morris Ave. Park (New York)
Morris Avenue Park in Farmingville.

NZ2 - Graffiti Park (New York )
Neighborhood park in Holtsville.

S12:BLAND FINALE! (New York)
Roadside cache in Medford.

S12:TOY CHEST #50 (New York )
Farmingville Trails in Farmingville.

S12:COOL AID SMILE#2 (New York)
Farmingville Trails in Farmingville.

Eagle Estates Park in Medford.

WRR-27 Thank You LIGO (New York)
Southaven County Park in Yaphank.

S12:CIRCA 1744 (New York )
Spring Lake Park in Coram.

FUNGUY! (New York)
DEC Land in Middle Island.

S12:DO U C-DEC (New York )
DEC Land in Ridge near the American Physical Society.

HUK-2 "A Find For Mrs. Hyde" (New York)
Pine Meadow County Park in Eastport.


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