Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Day

This morning, it was raining very heavily. So I decided to stay at home and get some stuff done. And besides, it was probably one of the few times when I'd have enough time to prepare pancakes for breakfast.

By the afternoon, the rain had let up a bit. Since I had a travel bug, I figured one good thing to do would be to bring it to the new travel bug hotel in Westchester to trade it. So I did that. The rain slowed to a drizzle and stopped when I arrived at the nature preserve. Great. I arrived at the cache site, found it, logged it, and traded travel bugs. On my walk back, the torrential rains started again and I had to rush the rest of the way to the parking area.

The other alarming thing that happened was, while I was at the cache site, I saw a tree fall down only about 50 feet away. There was a strong wind at the time, so that might have brought the tree down. I thought it was neat, until I realized that a tree could've fallen on me.

Anyway, since I was already wet, I finished a few more geocaches over in Connecticut. Then I had fish and chips at Royal Guard, a fish fry place in Stamford claiming to have British style fish and chips. Not bad, but I doubt it was even close to being British.

Hotel Wecquasgeeks (New York )
East Irvington Nature Preserve in Irvington.

Wooden Ships (Connecticut)
Cummings Park in Stamford.

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights (Connecticut )
Shippan Point in Stamford.

CT Solar System: MARS (Connecticut)
Helen Binney Kitchel Natural Park in Old Greenwich.

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