Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Day #2

Today, the weather alternated between light rain and heavy rain. Under those circumstances, I didn't feel like traveling very far so I went to Orange County. (and then crossed over to parts of Sussex and Morris Counties)

The weather and traffic reports on the radio warned of flash floods in Orange County. In fact, there was an evacuation order for parts of Port Jervis near the rising Delaware River. However, I figured if I kept to the hilly areas, I'd be safe from floods. Indeed, only one of the day's caches was in a flood zone. And even then, it was 0.1 mi away from the water. The only time I was blocked by a flood was when I was going to go home down Route 23. I didn't want to drive through that flooded stretch of road so I turned the car around and made a big detour, hitting a few more geocaches along the way. (Did the last one in the dark. How could I resist? After all, it was "another quick one." :) )

I should go to Orange County more often. The town of New Windsor has both Arby's and Long John Silver's.

the Brotherhood (New York )
Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville.

Bradley Park (New York)
Bradley Park in Walden.

Pennies From Heaven (New York )
Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown.

Ziggy Crew's Webcam Cache (New York)
Residential complex in Middletown.

Seward's Folly (New York )
W. H. Seward monument in Florida.

In The Army Now! In Honor of PFC LH (New York)
Warwick Park in Warwick.

“Searching for the Elusive ‘Nidge-Knee’ ” (New Jersey )

El Cheapo Grande #3 Cache (New Jersey)
Veteran's Memorial Park in Vernon.

Foul Territory (New Jersey )
Hardyston Township Sports and Recreation Complex.

“I‘ve Been Working On The Railroad” Cache (New Jersey)
WMA in Stockholm.

Hamburg's Lime Kiln Cache (New Jersey )
Near some ruins in Hamburg.

Trail Hound was here! (New Jersey)
Residential area in Sparta.

another quick one (New Jersey )
Roadside cache in Succasunna.


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