Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

3-Course LJ Entry


Gas prices went up another 6 cents/gallon today.

Main Course

FSO Editorials: America's Tribute

Oh wow, so it was a plot all along to screw China! That's brilliant! But, uh, guys? Could you possibly come up with something that doesn't end up hurting all of us?


Speaking of China, this was too good to pass up:

From Instapundit:
China Plans Surprise Attack on Taiwan

Fear! Especially fear that since the US will most likely take Taiwan's side in the event of such a conflict, it will be hard to continue importing Wal-Mart trinkets from China. (who will then be "the enemy") So better get your shopping done and over with. :)

I'm not so sure that such a threat is imminent though. Things are going too well for China now. I think they may wait for a time when most of their people are well off and their military is heavily built up before starting trouble. That could be so far down the road that few will expect it. Hmm... that's not good either.

Check, please!

Better not do too many 3-course LJ entries. Could lead to heartburn. :)

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