Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tiny Thrills Thursday

Too. Many. Things. To. Do. The week's almost over, and I haven't done anything with the photos from last weekend. Did get a lot of other things done, however. And it'll be good to get that NAF trib out of the way.

Found an East Caribbean coin in my change:

East Caribbean coin

In all likelihood, someone passed it to me instead of a US dime. Since an East Caribbean dollar is worth about US$0.38, that means I got ripped off. But it's cool and I'm keeping it.

Mises is offering a book on Economics for a penny. Of course, it's way more than one cent after UPS ground shipping is added to the total, but what the hey, I'll get it.

Becoming forgetful again. I brought the groceries home and started putting the frozen food in the freezer. A while later, I came back to the kitchen and saw that I'd left two frozen dinners on the kitchen counter! Ugh. Hope they haven't gone bad, but I guess I'll find out later when it's time to microwave them.

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