Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fabulous Friday

The theme for the next issue of JPG Magazine is "fabulous." So I'll have to think of something fabulous to photograph and send in. Hmm... fabulous sunset? Fabulous scenery? Fabulous explosion in a parrot factory?

Saw someone on Route 17 with a mattress and loveseat tied with rope to the top of his car. Fortunately, the police had already pulled the guy over. I'd hate to think what might have happened if the loveseat ended up in the middle of the highway.

This evening's geocaches:

Howland Memorial Grove (New Jersey )
This one is at a 9/11 memorial in Paramus that I drive by frequently.

Freewater 2/PVCache 1: Red Mill (New Jersey)
Saddle Brook Park in Paramus. A cache that is actually in the Saddle River.

After that, I went to the Northern NJ Geocaching Meetup in Ramsey. There were 4 people in attendance, which is better than usual. (Because usually, I'm the only one there if I bother to show up.) There was a special cache for the occasion hidden behind the Panera Bread. After the meetup, I found it using a flashlight.
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