Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

An Afternoon in the Town of Doyle

The day started off looking like it was going to be completely fubared. Went to "River Road Rampage" and was confronted by the property owner who said that I was just inside her property. The property line was rather vague, but okay, I picked up the geocache and moved it to the other side of the trail. Posted a note to the cache page using my cellphone, which was itself a trying experience because of network timeouts.

Then surprise... everything went smoothly. Visited another geocache along I-78, then crossed over to Pennsylvania to bag a load of geocaches in Doylestown. They seem to have a thing for microcaches in D'town. All but one were classified as micro, and four of those were smaller than my index finger. But with patience (and lots of combing through pine trees), I was able to spot them all.

The bizarre moment of the day was actually on the radio, when a caller to WPLJ said that he fell off the Grand Canyon. He added that he lost three fingers in the rocks and that he was still looking for his fingers in the rocks. But in the meantime, he was wearing Lee Press-on Nails! Okayyy...

River Road Rampage (New Jersey )
Passaic River Park in Chatham.

Rest Stop I-78 West (New Jersey)
I-78 Scenic View in Basking Ridge.

Lay of the land (Pennsylvania )
Downtown Doylestown.

Bike & Hike #3 (Pennsylvania)
Bike and Hike Trail in Doylestown.

Two, Three, Fore (Pennsylvania )
Central Park in Doylestown.

Bike & Hike 4 - Trail entrance (Pennsylvania)
Bike and Hike Trail in Doylestown.

Bike & Hike 5 (Pennsylvania )
Bike and Hike Trail in Doylestown.

Bike & Hike 6 (Pennsylvania)
Bike and Hike Trail in Doylestown.

Just hanging around in Doylestown (Pennsylvania )
Doylestown Park System.

Vegetable, beverage and a show (Pennsylvania)
Strip mall in Doylestown.

RiverJet REDUX (Pennsylvania )
Lower Nike Park in Warrington.

Cammie the Bear (Pennsylvania)
Lower Nike Park in Warrington.

Eaton's Endowment (Pennsylvania )
Hatboro Memorial Park in Hatboro.

George Mason's Grist Mill (Pennsylvania)
Masons Mill Park in Huntingdon Valley.


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