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Annual Cable Modem Lament

It's raining.

51,000 Where's George bills at the next refresh. Yes, I know it has taken longer than usual to go from 50,000 to 51,000 but then again, I've been busy with NaNoWriMo. Haven't run out of WG bills though because I've just been shopping less. Quite frankly, less shopping = less aggravation and fewer encounters with rude people. That can only be good for my mood.

The CyberSurfari Century Club prize for Spring 2002 arrived today. It's a wipeoff marker board... hee!

Took some googling but I found a costume/theatrical supply store with an online catalog listing Endbac. So I ordered two cans of that this afternoon. If they do fill the order, I'll provide contact info. Otherwise, the search continues.

I also have to put fans into the costume heads. I have the parts to do that but I don't think this will work well at all for the unicorn or the lion as both of those have soft heads that won't support the fan. The kangaroo has a hard head so that may work but it's a pretty airy head (okay, here come the jokes) anyway. Also on the to-do list: Adding a chin strap to that one.

Cable internet fees have gone up by $10 to $49.95 a month. Wonder what could justify a 25% rate hike in an economy like this. When I signed up two years ago, it was only $29.95 a month. There used to be a significant price difference between DSL and cable modem in this area. That difference has shrunk to $10 a month. (Maybe less. Haven't priced DSL in a while.) One more rate hike will make both the services equal. Of course, that's a moot point because I have no choice! I live too far from the nearest Verizon CO so I cannot get DSL.

Cablevision should give me a service credit for the cable modem itself. Anyone who signs up for the service now gets a free cable modem. (And I think the rate hike is intended to cover the cost of the 'free' cable modem anyway.) Not retroactive though so T.S. to the early adopters.

They still take cash payments at the Wiz stores so that's some consolation. Quick way to unload some Where's George dollar bills every month. :)


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