Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Going Goat

This evening, I went out to seek The Goat geocache at the end of Houvenkopf Mountain in Hillburn, NY. It's under 10 miles from home and has been out there more than 2 years, but I only just got around to getting it. Go figure.

The cache just off a weird dead-end road on which there is one small house. (with 4 cars, apparently) I drove a bit past that point to see what's at the end of the road. Nothing much, apparently. I did, however, see a trail so I followed that thinking that I could get to the cache site more easily that way. The trail led to a dirt road running along the contour about halfway up the mountain. Followed the dirt road and then bushwhacked, and found myself above the cache site. So that turned out not to save any climbing at all. Oh well.

Anyway, after a careful descent on the steep rocky slope, I was able to find the cache easily. Then I continued descending down to the dead-end road, the way I should've climbed up in the first place. But the longer way was potentially more interesting because the dirt road has got to lead somewhere eventually.

Anyway, the pictures:
North view (showing the rocks on the slope)
South view (lots more rocks)
looking down (Those highway ramps are the I-87/I-287 intersection.)
looking up (Steep!)

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