Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Playing Games in the Rain: Western NJ and Stroudsburg

It didn't look like it was raining much this morning so I went out. And indeed, it was okay, relatively speaking, for a while. I got maybe 5 minutes of sunshine in the early afternoon. Then, on my 9th geocache, somewhere in Stroudsburg, the deluge started. From then on, I picked only the quick and easy caches so as not to get too wet.

This time, one of the geocaches was actually hidden inside a fake (ornamental) bird and left sitting in a tree. I'd say that the cache hider had gone cuckoo, but it's too obvious of a pun. Anyway, that one's for the birds.

Dumping Ground (New Jersey )
Wooded area in Wharton.

The InBeTween (New Jersey)
Behind a Quick Chek store in Mount Arlington.

Ledgewood Mall Rats (New Jersey )
Wooded area next to the Ledgewood Mall parking lot in Ledgewood.

Project # 1-2005 (New Jersey)
Ledgewood Park (near Horseshoe Lake) in Ledgewood.

Route 80 Picnic West (New Jersey )
I-80 Westbound picnic area in Hackettstown.

Pequest fishing access CITO (New Jersey)
Fishing access in Belvidere. (White Township)

Zacharias Pond (Pennsylvania )
Zacharias Pond in East Stroudsburg.

David L. Miller Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
Small park in East Stroudsburg.

Wally's So Easy #8 (Pennsylvania )
Behind a Wal-Mart in East Stroudsburg.

Moose Neighbor (Pennsylvania)
Next to Moose Lodge in Stroudsburg.

Easter Hide (Pennsylvania )
Brodhead Park in East Stroudsburg.

Right On Target (Pennsylvania)
Behind a Target store in Stroudsburg.

Jackson Park (Pennsylvania )
Township park in Reeders.

Eastbound and Down (New Jersey)
I-80 Eastbound scenic view area in Columbia.

Route 80 Picnic East (New Jersey )
I-80 Eastbound picnic area in Hackettstown.


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