Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Spring Cleaning and Clinging

1. From GasBuddy: Oil Prices Drop After Bush Meets With Prince
All that hand-holding business could be doing something. On the other hand, the kissing may be pushing things a bit too far. :)

2. Worked through my entire backlog of digital photos this evening, and uploaded most of them to Flickr. (Poor Flickr!) I should consider getting a Pro account now that I have more than 200 pictures there.

3. Why can't I get rid of old books? I was checking the back room and found some books from the 80s about DOS applications like WordPerfect 5.1 and Ashton-Tate's Framework II. (Remember Ashton-Tate? Interestingly, the software continues to be maintained by Selections & Functions, Inc.) For sentimental reasons, I still can't part with those books and manuals. However, the old phone directories and almanacs have got to go. I'll take them to the recycling center tomorrow later today.

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