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Sleep Deprived NaNoWriMo Update

After adding another 5,051 words, my word count is now 32,730. That's only about 600 words away from the 2/3rds point but I'm pooped from writing so I'll pass that point another evening.

Here's how I know the novel has gone off the deep end. Nevermind the nuclear war instigated by mosquitoes. Nevermind the monster in the woods that attacks hikers and... umm... tickles them to bits. Nevermind the mayor paving over the city with concrete to build another city on top. It's way gone now because the college in the city has a teapot as the mascot. There are teapot plush toys in the college store as well as cartoonish teapot sweatshirts and all kinds of teapot logo merchandise. And there are two teapot sculptures on either side in front of the main (administrative) hall on the campus. And the way this plot works, it's only going to lead to something more bizarre.

I figure tomorrow, I'm going to stare at what I've written and wonder what the heck I was thinking. :)


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