Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Here comes the rain again...

Went to South Jersey, to Burlington and Camden Counties. It was a rainy day. Actually, it wasn't that bad until the 7th geocache. At that time, the torrential downpour started.

The Wawa store in Medford was out of stuffed pretzels so I had to settle for a buttered bagel, which wasn't half bad. Maybe I'll get that instead the next time.

Something Wicked ... (This way comes) (New Jersey )
Lenape Park in Westfield.

Take Yer Medicine! (New Jersey)
Lake area near corporate campuses in Mt. Laurel.

Dedicated (New Jersey )
A park in Marlton. This cache required crossing a stream on a fallen tree. It looked slippery because of the rain so I sat on it and scooted over. There may be a less obvious way to get there that doesn't involve crossing the stream though.

Trip Trap, Trip Trap (New Jersey)
Medford Park in Medford.

7-12-04 (New Jersey )
Broken dam site in Medford Lakes.

The (Jersey) Devil Made Us Do It (New Jersey)
Roadside cache in Vincentown.

Weird NJ: Reflection Of Your Soul (New Jersey )
Medford, near a bizarre sitting bull sculpture with glowing red eyes that was featured in Weird NJ.

Troubled Water (New Jersey)
Smithville Lake in Mt. Holly.

Looking Over Pemberton Lake Will Delight You (New Jersey )
Pemberton Lake in Pemberton.

Prothonotary Watch (New Jersey)
Swamp area in Vincentown. Home to Prothonotary Warblers.

Catch a cach (New Jersey )
Small park in Riverside.

River Line #2 (New Jersey)
Memorial in Riverton.

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