Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philadelphia North and Northeast

It was a shortened trip because of a late start, but I still did a lot. In contrast to yesterday's rain, it was a sunny day. Temperatures were mild, and a bit cooler towards the evening.

njtech mentioned this a couple of times, but I've never seen it happen until today. I was coming up to the Turnpike Exit 7A toll plaza when I saw someone backing out of a toll lane. So I hit the brakes and waited while she backed out 50 feet or so, turned her car around, and crossed another E-ZPass lane to get to a cash lane. All the time she was doing that, I was wondering if what I saw was an accident in the making, but thankfully no one came zooming into the E-ZPass lane that she crossed over.

After the first five caches, I cut over to Jenkintown to see d4b about a transaction. (involving waving around a bundle of crisp dollar bills, but he assured me that the crime rate wasn't so high that such a thing would get us robbed or killed there :) ) Getting there in itself was a challenge because, as I noticed, there were no roads that go East-West. Nearly all the roads in the area either go Northeast-Southwest or Northwest-Southeast. I used the GPS and just followed Rhawn St for some distance before turning onto another road. Then I made a couple more turns and magically ended up on Jenkintown Road, which just so happened to lead directly to Jenkintown. (Who knew?)

Had Wawa two more times today. Tried the Wawa buttered bagels at the Yardley store, but those weren't as fresh as yesterday's. I suspect that these aren't exactly health food either. The way the butter oozes out of the bagel, it looks like they may be using as much as one stick of butter per bagel! Tastes good, though.

Silver Waterfall will delight you too!!! (Pennsylvania )
A lovely cascade in the middle of a housing area in Morrisville.

Love-ly Lost Tennis Balls Will Delight You (Pennsylvania)
Frosty Hollow Tennis Center in Levittown.

Dad's Fishing Hole At Delaware River Access (Pennsylvania )
Delaware River Access in Bensalem.

Power Trail Beginning or End? (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack on the Delaware in Philadelphia.

The Green Lantern Corps Wants YOU! (Pennsylvania )
Pennypack Park in Philadelphia.

Where's my Junior High? (Pennsylvania)
High School Park in Elkins Park. This location was a high school before the school buildings were destroyed by a fire. Then it became a park.

Math Challenge I: Wall Park (Pennsylvania )
Wall Park in Elkins Park.

Betwixt Two Boneyards (Pennsylvania)
Wooded area between Hillside Cemetery and Ardsley Burial Ground in Abington.


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