Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Monday Mishmash

I weighed myself today and was 228lbs, which is down from 233lbs last year and 238lbs during the Winter. I hardly ever use the bathroom scale, and this weighing was prompted by someone's remark that I had lost weight. I still wonder how anyone can see a difference of 5lbs on someone else. I sure can't.

Dental appointment this evening. Teeth are okay with no cavities. It's just the gums that are in a bit of disrepair, as always.

After that, I went to find the El Cheapo Grande #2 Cache in Griffith Park in Boonton. This one has a bit of a story because it went missing a while ago (on speculation of sabotage, but given the area, anyone could've come across it by accident) and was recently replaced. The cascade was full of water after the afternoon's rain.

And after that, I readded some of that 5lbs by having dinner. The couple the next table over didn't know what to get for dessert. They saw what I was having and asked about it, so I explained. They ordered it and told me that they liked it. So once again, I'm the not-a-food-critic. :)

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