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All things considered, I am happy

NaNoWriMo update: 36,992 words, after adding 4,262 words this evening. Not as much as yesterday but still okay. It's getting to the point where I should think about wrapping it up but I am not worried about that. I have something in mind. I am just thrilled to no end that I am actually doing this. Everyday, I look forward to coming home in the evening to add another chapter. I can't believe what a change it has made in my outlook on life. All these months, I've been laboring under a cloud of cynicism and pessimism. Now, in the dreary fall weather, the skies have never seemed brighter. There is a bounce in my step. Annoying customers don't annoy as much any more. All because I went and tried something totally new and silly. Incredible.

Speaking of annoying customers, there's this one fellow who keeps getting passed from one tech support guy to another. He puts in a support request. Tech support guy asks me what I need to debug the problem and I specify the logs and files I need. Three days later, a different tech support guy asks me what I need to debug that very same problem. The customer's not cooperating and so he gets passed around like a hot potato. I love it. Heheh.

The supplier sent the Endbac! The package was at my front door this evening. Boy, that was fast. Only one day? So as I stated, here's the contact info: They are Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. Check the online catalog under odor eliminators. This is most likely not the best deal around but the stuff's hard to get (other suppliers did not respond to my request for quotes) so I offer this info in case someone can use it. I think I'll go open the windows and spray the unicorn suit now. Oh, it's cold outside... umm... maybe I'll wait for tomorrow afternoon. :)

A survey company sent me a travel clock. But they want me to keep a diary of a single day in my life. They picked a Sunday. Hmm... well, I can tell them right now how it's going to be. Midnight... sleep, sleep, sleep, wake (7am)... breakfast (2 bananas and soup-to-go), geocaching, geocaching, geocaching (until 4pm, or 3pm if it goes very well), dinner at a diner or grease pit near the last cache, come home, web, web, web... until midnight when the survey period ends. Gotta wonder how this is even useful to manufacturers and advertisers. Maybe Garmin will make more GPSes. :)


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