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The forecast called for rain, but it wasn't actually raining. In fact, the rain had moved further East before I got to Connecticut.

I-95 is now subject to slowdowns seemingly at random. I guess that's the way things go now that the weather is getting better for trips and such.

At the end of the day, I claimed my free dinner at Gourmet Buffet in Milford. I don't go to Connecticut all that often so it took a pretty long time to fill out that "buy 10 get 1 free" card.

As I crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge, I thought about something. Because of heightened terrorist concerns, I'm not allowed to take pictures of the bridge, right? So why is there still a set of bridge cams? Figure that one out!

Hill In A Marsh (CAR-6) (New York )
Rye Marshland Conservancy in Rye. The clue is inaccurate because the branch had broken off. Still not too difficult.

Sideways (New York)
Rye Marshland Conservancy in Rye.

CT Solar System: Venus (Connecticut )
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich.

Home Sweet Home (Connecticut)
New Canaan Nature Center, although it is evidently also accessible from the church parking lot. That's a good thing because there was a street fair going on at the time and the nature center parking lot was full.

Stony Brook Park (Connecticut )
Stony Brook Park in Darien. This is where I had to cross the dangerous rickety bridge.

CT Solar System: Saturn (Connecticut)
Pine Creek Open Space in Fairfield. I drove a Saturn to Saturn. Now that is amusing.

Fishermans Wharf (Connecticut )
Harborview near Parker Memorial Park in Branford.

CT Solar System: Uranus (Connecticut)
Parker Memorial Park in Branford.

PIZZA MECCA (Connecticut )
In a parking lot next to a pizza place. Wooster Street in New Haven is apparently the place to go for pizza.

Wallingford Park Tour 1: Bertini Park (Connecticut)
Bertini Park in Wallingford.


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